This idea requires some sort of coding computer science technology math background or something but the concept itself is pretty simple. Create a platform for people to sign up as professional YouTube video watchers and then have other people use this same platform to purchase views for their own videos.

Our target market, in a quick fragmented sentence, is “people who want to be Logan Paul but can’t because they aren’t a big enough piece of shit to succeed on a platform like YouTube.”

Each video watcher would get a share of the money we charge view buyers – something along the lines of fifty cents per video. The sick part about this is that each professional watcher has their own home page with a personalized to-watch list, and it’s been catered to the interests they listed when they registered. If you like cat videos, get ready to make some major change watching endless hours of cat videos using our unique service that remains unnamed because as of right now it’s only a concept. Emphasis on the “as of right now” thing.

As always, if you do this Venmo me or I’m using a billboard lawyer to ruin your legacy and make you poor again. Thanks.

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