Ten Tyson Chicken Nuggets take two and a half minutes to warm in a standard microwave. Anyone who eats brand name chicken nuggets knows that. It’s common knowledge. But what if it wasn’t? What if the common knowledge was that you should choose 150 degrees as your optimal internal food temperature for any number of chicken nuggets, and time was a secondary factor?

Introducing our industry shaking pitch: a microwave that takes the benefits of an oven (ex. “set to 350 degrees”) and combines it with the benefits of a microwave (ex. “food is warm super fucking fast”).

In 1946, amidst the turmoil of WWII, a man named Percy Spencer invented what is now the modern microwave. But there was a problem, and it’s still affecting the world to this day. Percy was a fucking dumbass. All of his dials rotated on a time-based system, not a temperature-based system.

That’s the problem we seek to resolve, and the resolution that will make you millions and me hundreds. Sorry Percy.

If you know enough science engineering industrial manufacturing stuff to pull this one off you’re smart enough to know you can avoid the OJ Simpson trial of our generation by sending me a minimal amount of your profits via Venmo.

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