Does your lightbulb ever just smell like nothing? It sucks, right? Well picture this: your lightbulb doesn’t smell like nothing. It smells like blueberry pie. Yeah. It smells like grandma came back to life and she’s whipping some shit up for you in the kitchen. That’d be sick, right?

Regular air fresheners are cool, but these would be even better. I know Febreze has some plug in the wall shit that works pretty well, but wall sockets are by the floor and you need them to charge your phone. You don’t charge your phone in a light socket. And light sockets are in the perfect position to diffuse a delicious smell throughout an entire room. There’s no open flame. It’s not a candle. It’s not dangerous. It’s brilliant.

And your brilliance didn’t come up with it, so Venmo me just a little bit of your profits. Please. None of these other ideas are taking off like I thought they would.

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