Step 1: Buy a private island.

Step 2: Register the island with the UN as its own country.

Step 3: Ship in every drug known to mankind.

Step 4: Charge people to visit the island and try the drug(s) of their choice.

Step 5: Become the richest person on earth.

Literally so easy. I just googled “private islands for sale” and almost all of them are listed for less than $100 million. We can assume 10,000 very wealthy visitors would trek to the island in the first year and spend $1,000 on the entrance fee plus the cost of food and drugs, so you’re already at almost $20 million in revenue after the first 365 days. In four years MAX, you’d have your initial investment back, and every year after that you’d rake in eight figures. This might be the most reasonable plan in existence for becoming a multi-millionaire.

The only hitch I see is the whole UN registration thing. I’m not entirely sure how it works but if Canada got it done it can’t be that hard.

So someone get popping! I’m only asking for my usual 1% of profits, and in this case that’s a drop in the bucket compared to your 99%. Plus, we can be friends! Maybe! If you want! I’ll come visit your island!

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