A Market For People To Sell Tattoo Real Estate On Their Bodies (#16)

I’d pay ten dollars without batting an eye if someone told me that’s all it would take for them to get a huge dick tattooed on their forehead, and I’m sure a lot of other people would too. Imagine an online marketplace that facilitated these kind of transactions.   Clients would create posts using a […]

Basketballs That Talk Shit When You Brick (#15)

“BRICK.” “BRICK.” “ASS.” “MISS.” “Your current shot percentage is: worse than Stevie Wonder’s. And he was fucking blind.” “Welcome to the gym, Helen Keller! The hoop is ten feet that way!” Part of being a top tier athlete is dealing with the stress of on the court shit talkers who try to psyche you out […]

A Phone Number That Calls You When You Want To Leave The Room (#13)

Everyone has at least one friend they text “can you call me” when the place they are sucks and they want to leave it, but that automatic excuse to dip out of a room isn’t always available for a quick fake emergency conversation. Sometimes you get stuck. So picture this: a phone number saved in […]

Booters: A Hooters With Male Waiters (#12)

Picture this: it’s 2021. Midnight. On a…Tuesday. Yeah. You’re in bed, about to fall asleep, scrolling through Twitter. Every fourth tweet is about a new restaurant chain reportedly bringing in millions of dollars of revenue every fiscal quarter, and you see a post that catches your eye. It’s a statistic. According to this tweet, 85% […]

Print Your Ex’s Face On Toilet Paper (#11)

This one is pretty self-explanatory, and there’s a huge market for it. Literally everyone has a shitty ex, and what better way to highlight the fact that they’re shitty than to literally put actual shit on a printout of their face? That’s our pitch: a company capable of creating toilet paper with a customized image […]

Cordless Electric Car Charging Pads (#10)

Wireless iPhone charging pads. Those alone are sick, right? But they’re only the beginning of what’s possible. Knowledge of this newly created product got the ball rolling in one of my highly creative friend’s alcoholic brain. If you can do that with phones, he thought, why not do it with electric cars? Imagine this: you […]

Microwave But You Set An Optimal Internal Temperature Instead Of A Time (#8)

Ten Tyson Chicken Nuggets take two and a half minutes to warm in a standard microwave. Anyone who eats brand name chicken nuggets knows that. It’s common knowledge. But what if it wasn’t? What if the common knowledge was that you should choose 150 degrees as your optimal internal food temperature for any number of […]

Soft Prostitution (#7)

We all know and love the holy trinity of dating apps: Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge. But these apps require conversation, and conversation blows. Imagine a local underground organization of like minded individuals you can go to with all your freshmen-in-college pent up and unexpressed sexual desires. Here’s how it works. Both members and potential clients […]