Sell Retired Drug Dogs to Drug Dealers So They Can Steal Other People’s Drugs (#5)

When you picture fat stacks of cash, who do you imagine standing over them holding machine guns and kilogram bags of cocaine? That’s right. Drug dealers. The money is there, you just need a quick idea to pitch so those stacks become your stacks. That’s where we come in. Drug dogs have been used exclusively […]

Car Detailer/Valet Service at Sporting Events (#3)

Imagine this. You just drove 45 minutes to see the Rangers get shit on by the Astros at Globe Life Park in Arlington. You pull up to a parking lot a quarter mile away from the stadium but it’s cool because part of our hypothetical service is a complimentary shuttle to the stadium. Our poorly […]

Ketchup But in a Toothpaste Bottle (#1)

It’s possible to squeeze every last bit of toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube using the roll-up-when-there’s-not-much-left-method…but is it possible to do that with ketchup? It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say “fuck no it isn’t.” That’s the problem this entrepreneurial endeavor aims to solve. Imagine ketchup, but in a toothpaste tube. Revolutionary. […]